So, we recently invested in a Red One MX Digital Cinema Camera. We’ve shot with the Red before in ultra-controlled conditions, but finally owning it gives us the freedom to explore and shoot what we want.

I tested out shooting in 2K at a 2:1 aspect ratio at 120 fps with a friend just to get a feel for the camera (I love the way 120 pfs looks).
The result was O.K. but I’m not super proud of it. I did learn that it is, in fact, way easier to blow out highlights on a red than you might think.

Here’s what I shot:

Having shot on DSLRs since the beginning of the “DSLR Revolution,” I have a solid good idea how the images on our Canon 5D MkIII screen translate to the iMac screen.
So far, the Red One is a different story.

Here are three images that show how different an image can look in camera vs. what the end result will be.
The source clip was exposed at T 2.1 on a Zeiss CP.2 50mm Makro lens, at ISO 320 with the shutter at a 180 degree angle of 1/48 sec.


Test Footage Before

Test Footage After

The shot felt way too dark in Camera and kind of was (look at that histogram), but in the end, I cam out with an O.K. looking image– or at least one that looks properly exposed.