5 Keys to Making Great Web Videos


Some things just make sense together. Bacon and eggs. Peanut butter and jelly. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Advertising and Video. Whether they’re designed to educate, inform or simply to entertain, videos are an effective and meaningful way to connect to people who value what you offer. Continue reading

12 Principles of Animation: Sqaush and Stretch

The “12 Principles of Animation” is a set of principles originally created by some of Walt Disney’s original animators. Although technology has grown considerably since the traditional cel-animation days of Pinocchio, many of these principles still hold true for creating “the illusion of life.” At Scope Studios, we constantly incorporate many these elements into our motion graphics work to create organic, believable imagery- whether we’re
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The story behind “The Oil Worker” Video

We’ve worked with the folks over at Taft College on a number of projects, and have a good, working relationship. Recently, they came to Scope Studios to discuss a way to promote Taft’s “Oil Worker Monument.” Rather than use recaptured news footage and boring voice overs, we suggested a different take.
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